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7 Steps to Finding a GOOD Locksmith

1. Find a Local Locksmith Company BEFORE You Need One

Locksmithing needs often occur when there is some type of emergency. For example, if you accidentally lock your keys in your car in Queen Creek, San Tan Valley or even other parts of the east valley, you’ll need someone to get them back out pretty quickly.

Knowing who to call will prevent your being scammed by illegitimate locksmiths and will give you peace of mind that your security is of prime importance to the locksmith that you have chosen.

While Google is a good source of information so are local referrals. Talk to your neighbors or use social media to find a trustworthy company before you need one.

Remember that it’s important to have a plan even if you don’t use it.

2. Do Your Research BEFORE You Commit

The best time to find a trustworthy locksmithing company is BEFORE you need one.

In the heat of the moment, you may not be thinking straight and choose the first company on the Google Search Engine Results page. This can be a mistake because many companies from the Phoenix metro area advertise down in our area and will not be able to respond for hours if they respond at all.

A number of non-local locksmithing companies pay Google for their placement at the top of the search results. This means that they could choose closer customers before they chose to help you. Additionally, since they have to drive further, they will often times charge way more than a local locksmithing company.

Another good indicator of validity for locksmithing companies are their reviews. However, keep in mind that some locksmiths will buy Google reviews in an effort to mislead searchers. Review some of the reviews and make sure they seem legit.

4. Choose a Local Company

When choosing a locksmith use only a company locally owned and operated. These companies will put the money that they earn back into the community by shopping locally. There are some companies that “serve” the San Tan Valley and Queen Creek area but are in fact, owned by or are a franchise of, companies not even located in the Phoenix metro area.

These non-local companies will funnel money out of the communities that they serve and not use it to support other locally owned or operated businesses. There are even companies that are actually key duplication kiosks, that claim to be local but in fact, contract with questionable locksmiths many miles away.

5. Tools and Equipment

A truly skilled locksmith will utilize tools and methods that are designed to avoid damage to the customer’s property. There are many locksmiths that use destructive techniques to gain entry to you car or house. These methods include drilling locks or using tools that over spread door frames on cars.

When you pay to have someone open you locked property, you deserve a company that uses state of the art non destructive techniques. You should be paying for someone that has the best tools and equipment and knows how to use them. Local Locksmith is one such company.

6. Small Business Overhead

A legitimate locksmithing company will be a member of the community that they serve. They will invest part of their overhead funds back into the local community in the form of using other local businesses for their business needs.

Locksmithing as a business is not cheap. Our prices are dictated by having to recoup the cost of tools, equipment, parts and education just to name a few. However, a legitimate small business will have the necessary insurance and licenses to insure that their customers are treated properly and professionally.

So make certain that you choose a company that is licensed, bonded, insured and certified. Local Locksmith has all of that and more.

7. Scammers

The locksmith industry if full of unscrupulous people claiming to be locksmiths. Some of these “locksmiths”, have watched a few YouTube videos and bought tools from Amazon then call themselves locksmiths. These types of people will often damage your property and since they are not a real business, leave you to pay for the damage.

There are even companies that operate in this area that are call centers that utilize a fleet of illegitimate “locksmiths”. They claim to have inexpensive service fees (typically $29.00 to $39.00) but when you call them, the dispatcher will give you a wide range of pricing and say that the final price will be provided by the “locksmith”. This should be a huge red flag as a legitimate locksmith will quote a standard price on the phone before they get to you.

If you accidentally call one of these companies and decline their service, they will continue to call you back trying to pressure you into using them. Just block their number and call a legitimate locksmithing company.

So if you want to avoid being scammed and don’t want to waste your money, call Local Locksmith 480.570.5391.

Read more about scammer locksmiths here.

Learn more about our lockout services here.

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