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Local Property Management Locksmith Services

Local Property Management Locksmith

From managed property lockouts to lock changes, Local Locksmith does it all.

Securing your customer’s properties can be a real challenge, we are your property management locksmith. There are many lock and key choices but not changing the key after a tenant moves out is asking for trouble.

If the previous tenant has a copy of the key, you could be open to security and civil liability. We can rekey your customer’s property to a new key combination. This process is called rekeying and it will cost less than buying new locks. 

Local Locksmith works with many residential and commercial property management companies. We truly understand the challenges of property management. In fact we are even members of the Queen Creek Chamber of Commerce.

Call Local Locksmith for a FREE quote today. You’ll be glad that you did. Make Local Locksmith your local property management locksmith.

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Local Property Management Locksmith Service Areas
Local Property Management Locksmith Service Areas

Your Hometown Property Management Locksmith

Commercial Locks

Property Management Lock

Commercial Lock Options

From lever locks to exit devices, Local Locksmith maintains & installs them all. We are professional commercial & residential locksmiths that offer reasonable prices.

Lever and Knob Locks

Found on most residential rental properties, lever and knob locks secure all outside entrances to a dwelling. Unfortunately, most tenants do not treat the locks very well. Additionally, often times tenants will not maintain them with proper lubrication. This means that they can fail.

Local Locksmith offers a full range of good quality replacement knob and lever locks that will keep you rental properties secure.

Trust your hometown property management Local Locksmith.

Electronic Keypad Locks

Property Management Electronic Keypad

Electronic Lock Options

Electronic or keypad locks, are a way to allow customers property access without having to provide a key. There are many options so call Local Locksmith to explore the options.

Different E-Lock Options

Electronic Lock technology seems to be improving almost daily. There are many versions of electronic locks that use a keypad to allow entry. Some versions even allow occupants to use their cell phone to get in.

It doesn’t matter what type of e-lock you prefer, Local Locksmith can explain the advantages of each and then install them for you.

Security Door Locks

Property Management Security Doors

Security Door Lock Upgrades

If your property has a security door, the lock installed by the original contractor can be low quality and can fail causing your tenant to get locked out. 

High Quality Options

We offer many different options for security door replacement locks. The best option will depend upon the current lock type.

It doesn’t matter if you have a cylinder style or mortice type lock, we can repair or replace with the same or a different type of lock.

Call Local Locksmith TODAY!

Keypad Lock Battery Changes

Keypad Lock Battery Pack Arizona heat can cause keypad lock batteries to age much quicker than in cooler climates. We recommend replacing the batteries in your electronic lock at least once per year or even sooner, if your lock experience performance problems. Batteries that are left in the lock can leak and cause damage.

When changing your lock’s batteries always use high quality replacement. Duracell make excellent batteries and when changed regularly, provide long trouble free operation.

Deadbolts and Entry

Property Management Deadbolts

Deadbolt and Entry Locks

There comes a time in every lock’s life when it will wear out. Local Locksmith offers many different options for replacement locks that balances cost with reliability. 

Replacement Options

Buying inexpensive big box store locks will end up costing more in the long run.  Ask us about more reliable options that will give many years of service.

We offer choices from name brand manufacturers. We also offer workalike options with the same specifications as the name brand locks but at lower prices.

Professional Tip: Proper lock maintenance will ensure that locks continue to work as they should. A regular program of lubrication with a non-oil based lubricant such as Silicone will keep the locks moving smoothly.

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Business Locks

Property Management Commercial Door Locks

Store Front Door Locks

These locks are found in many glass doored businesses. They are the most common way of securing a business, but if  are old, can fail. Especially true if are not maintained.

Commercial Deadbolts

Commercial Mortice Lock

We can repair or replace store front door locks quickly and at reasonable prices. We stock many different versions of these locks to ensure that your customer’s business can be secured.

Professional Tip: Proper maintenance will ensure that commercial locks continue to function the way they should. A regular program of lubrication with a non-oil based lubricant such as Silicone will keep the locks moving smoothly.

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Property Management Tips and How Tos

    Read more helpful tips and how to information by visiting our blog page.

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