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Local Residential Locksmith Services

Local Residential Locksmith

From lockouts to lock changes, Local Locksmith is YOUR local residential locksmith.

Make east valley based Local Locksmith YOUR local residential locksmith. With the way that things are today, your home’s security should be your top priority. Queen Creek based Local Locksmith understands this and makes that your home security our top priority. Our team offers a full range of residential locksmithing services from lock rekeying to lock upgrades. With reasonable pricing and superb customer service, Local Locksmith is the obvious choice.

If you have just purchased or moved into your new home, do you really know who has copies of your keys? Our experienced locksmiths always recommend that home buyers in Queen Creek, San Tan Valley and all of the areas that we service, rekey both their house and mailbox locks to insure that they are kept as secure as possible. In some instances, previous owners or tenants will use their key to come back and get into your home. To keep your home secure, have Local Locksmith simply rekey your existing locks. 

Call today for a FREE estimate. We will come to your home and rekey or service your house locks today!

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Local Residential Locksmith Service Areas
Local Residential Locksmith Service Areas

Your Local Hometown Locksmith

Locked Out of My House

Lock Out Locksmith

No Stress Lockouts

With all the stress of your daily life you can lock yourself out of your house. No need to panic, we can get you back in fast and without inflicting any property damage.

Locked out? Here’s a list of things that you can do:

  • Relax and call Local Locksmith (480.570.5391)
  • If your phone is locked in your house, go to a trusted neighbor or wait in your car.
  • Make certain that you place yourself in a safe environment.
  • Stay put until Local Locksmith arrives.
  • Ask us about making an extra key when you’re back in.

Trust your hometown Local Locksmith.

House Lock Rekeying

Rekeying Locksmith

Just Move In?

Do you really know if the previous owners or tenants have keys to your house? If not, it is a good idea to have the lock bitting or key pattern changed BEFORE you move in.

According to American Home Shield, it is a good idea to have your locks rekeyed to prevent previous keyholders from getting into your new home.

Rekeying your locks involves changing the key cut combination and changing the tumblers in each lock. This is often a very cost effective alternative to changing your locks.

Our expert team of professionals will rekey your locks in a fast and efficient manner with pricing that is very reasonable.

New Locks Installed

Residential Locks Installed

Want More Security?

Need more security on an interior door? An interior door deadbolt might be the answer. If you need an extra level of front door security, a second deadbolt will give that security.

Keyed locks installed on internal doors improve the security of the interior of your home. While some doors don’t lend themselves to locks and deadbolts, most do. We can quickly and efficiently install an interior deadbolt and at a reasonable price too.

Ask us about more security alternatives for your home’s existing lock hardware. We offer many options.

Call Local Locksmith today to see if an internal door lock is right for you and which models will work best.

Keeping Your Locks Working Properly

CRC Heavy Duty SiliconeHere in Arizona we have a problem with fine blowing dust. This contaminant, can get into the locks and cause them to be hard to operate and finally fail. To keep your locks working smoothly, we recommend the use of CRC Heavy Duty Silicone. This oil free lubricant, is available at most home improvement stores.

To properly maintain your locks, first wipe the dirt from the latch and deadbolt with a paper towel or rag. Then a short spray into the keyhole and around the latch or deadbolt, will keep the lock working properly and last longer.

Mailbox and Cluster Box Locks

Mailbox Lock Locksmith

Mailbox Locks & Keys?

Many neighborhoods in Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, Florence and other communities, use what is called a cluster box for resident mailboxes. While these boxes are typically owned by each neighborhood HOA, the locks are owned by the homeowner.

Lose your mailbox keys? Mailbox won’t open? Call Local Locksmith today. We can replace the mailbox lock and give you three new factory cut keys to boot.

We only use USPS specification mailbox locks and can usually replace your lock the same day that you call. Unlike mailbox lock service companies, Local Locksmith offers daily services and at very reasonable prices.

Call Local Locksmith TODAY!

Electronic Locks

Residential Electronic Locks Installed

Electronic Lock Installation

Electronic locks are becoming increasingly popular and cost effective. There are versions that are keypad operated and others that can be opened using your cell phone. We can suggest the best electronic lock to meet your needs and budget. 

Electronic keypad locks are a fast growing industry. There are many different models and knowing which on is right for you can seem daunting. 

We will help you choose the best option and then install it at your home. Our prices are realistic and we guarantee our work.

Call Local Locksmith today which models will work best.

Residential Tips and How Tos
  • Security Tip #1 – Keeping Your Home Secure
    When your deadbolt was originally installed, the installer might not have done everything within their power to make certain that it is does it’s job properly.
  • Do You Know Who Else Has Your House Keys
    Did you just purchase a home? Do you really know who has copies of your house keys? You may want to have the house locks rekeyed to a new combination.

Read more helpful tips and how to information by visiting our blog page.

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