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Local Safe Locksmith Services

Local Safe Locksmith

From safe openings to safe combination changes, Local Locksmith can do them all.

Make us YOUR local safe locksmith. Safes are a great way to secure everything from documents to your prized gun collection. However, if you can’t get your safe open, they are not much better than a block of metal.

Local Locksmith can open your locked safe and service the locks as well. We have very specialized equipment, techniques and training that allow us to get your safe back open even if the lock has failed. So make us your go to safe company.

If you own a safe, here is a list of safe manufacturers.

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Your Hometown Safe Locksmith

Safe Lock Outs

Local Safe Locksmith Lost Combinations

Locked out of your safe?

Safes can be a great thing until you close the door and can’t get it open again. From lost combinations to lock failures, we have the tools and skill to get you back into your safe. Trust Local Locksmith to be YOUR safe service provider.

Here is a list of common safe failures:

  • Lost Combinations
  • Defective Locks
  • Broken Hinges
  • General Failures

These failures will often times require a trained safe technician to resolve the issues.

Local Locksmith is able to open many different types of safes including:

  • Document Safes
  • Gun Safes
  • Fire Proof Safes
  • Many More

We can help you with safes made by the following manufacturers:

  • Sentry
  • American Security
  • Cabela
  • Liberty
  • Many Others

Trust your hometown Local Locksmith.

Safe Lock Changes

Local Safe Locksmith Lock Upgrades

Upgrades and Lock Changes

With a variety of electronic safe locks available, it is pretty easy to replace your worn mechanical lock with an electronic one. If you like a mechanical lock and don’t want to have to change batteries, we can simply replace your aging mechanical lock as well.

Different Lock Options

There are times when a mechanical lock is preferred over an electronic version. Harsh environments or lack of maintenance can cause an electronic lock to fail. Since we work with many different vendors, we offer many different lock options from a wide variety of manufactures.

We can help you select the lock option that best suits your needs.

Call Local Locksmith TODAY!

Safe Combination Changes

Local Safe Locksmith Combos Changed

Safe Combination  Changes

Some safes require a professional locksmith to change the combination. We can come to you and change your safe combination. If it is an emergency and you need the combination changed right away, give us a call and we can schedule you for same day service.

Combination changes on mechanical locks require special tools. We have a large selection of safe tools that helps us to change your combination and at a reasonable cost.

Call Local Locksmith to keep your safe truly safe.


Keypad Lock Battery PackChanging Your Safe Batteries

Many electronic safes are designed with their battery compartments on the inside of the safe. If your batteries go dead and you lose your override key, your safe can not be opened. We recommend that you change your electronic lock batteries once a year at the same time that you change your smoke detector batteries. Most safe manufacturers recommend the use of Duracell Copper Top batteries as they last longer and are less prone to leakage. 

Safe Lock Failures

Local Safe Locksmith Lock Failures

Failed Safe Lock?

Safes can fail in a variety of ways. Some fail because their locks won’t open others fail because internal mechanisms break. Regardless of the cause, Local Locksmith can get your safe open and functioning again.

Safe Mounting

Floor safes are a great way to secure your valuables. However, if the thieves can simply pick your safe up and carry it out your door it’s not really doing its job. You should have your safe secured to the floor of your home to insure that it can not be taken away and opened.

Keep in mind that the main purpose of most security devices is to cause the thief to spend so much time trying to defeat them, that they go elsewhere and seek easier pickings. Having your safe secured to the floor makes it take far more time to open. This will cause the thief to think twice about trying to break into your safe.

Call Local Locksmith TODAY!

Lost Safe Keys

Local Safe Locksmith Lost Keys Replaced

Lose your safe keys?

Losing your safe keys can be really stressful. You need to get to the items in the safe, but you can’t find the keys. We stock many different replacement key blanks for the most popular safe models.

Call Local Locksmith today and we’ll replace those lost safe keys and it won’t cost you a fortune.

Safe Tips and How Tos

    Read more helpful tips and how to information by visiting our blog page.

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