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Local 4 Wheeler Locksmith Service

Local 4 Wheeler Locksmith

We replace your lost 4 wheeler or ATV keys.

Missing or broken 4 wheeler or ATV keys? Broken ignition? Local Locksmith can fix it all. We are 4 wheeler locksmith and ATV key experts. 

We stock most manufacture’s brands of key blanks for your off road vehicles. So if you need copies of hard to find keys or lose your keys all together, we’re able to get you back on the trail again.

ATV Illustrated magazine has some good information about 4 wheeler and ATV keys. Take a few minutes to learn a bit more about off roader keys.

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Local 4 Wheeler Locksmith Service Areas
Local 4 Wheeler Locksmith Service Areas

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Lost Keys Replaced

Local 4 Wheeler Locksmith Lost Keys Replaced

Lose your 4 wheeler keys?

Don’t worry because we can make you new keys quickly and cost effectively. It can be pretty easy to lose your keys while you are out camping with your favorite 4 wheeler. We have the skill and tools to get you going again.

Some owners will just take their ATV to the dealer and pay the high price to have the ignition and all locks replaced. Other’s will buy replacement locks on line only to find out that they don’t quite fit your particular vehicle.

The best option for you if you lose your keys is to call Local Locksmith and we’ll come to you and make new keys on the spot. A new key will insure that you don’t have to worry about replacement locks that don’t quite fit or wait for the dealer to get around to replacing your locks.

Call Local locksmith today and you’ll be back on the trail tonight.

Broken Keys Extracted

Local 4 Wheeler Locksmith Broken Keys Extracted

Broken Key?

If you are unfortunate enough to break your 4 wheeler key, we’ll get you back on the trail fast. We’ll extract the broken 4 wheeler key using special tools and techniques with no lock damage.

Once we’ve removed the broken key we can expertly create a replacement for you right on site. We stock many different 4 wheeler key blanks so we are able to replace the broken key quickly and cost effectively.

Locks Rekeyed

Local 4 Wheeler Locksmith Locks Rekeyed

Need your ATV locks changed?

If your 4 wheeler ignition key does not match the other locks on your ATV or 4 wheeler, we can change the combination of the locks so that one key works in all the locks. We can even recut a key to factory specs.

This process is called rekeying and involves the removal and modification of the wafers within the lock itself. While not usually an expensive process, it is best to trust a professional locksmithing company like Local Locksmith.

Call Local Locksmith for all of your ATV and 4 Wheeler lock needs.

Proper ATV and 4 Wheeler Lock Lubrication

Since most ATVs and 4 wheelers spend a lot of time in the dirt, their locks can get pretty dirty. Using lubricants like WD40 or oil will just attract more dirt. We recommend that you use a synthetic lubricant that dries after being applied. A good choice is CRC Heavy Duty Silicone available at most home improvement or even Wal-Mart at a modest price.

When lubricating the locks, spray a small amount of synthetic lubricant into the lock. Run your key in and out about 10 times then look at the key. If it is covered with “gunk” wipe it off and repeat the process until the key blade comes out clean.

Ignitions Replaced

Local 4 Wheeler Locksmith Ignitions Replaced

Need a new ignition?

In the event that your 4 Wheeler or ATV ignition fails and needs replacement, Local Locksmith can expertly remove and replace the damaged part. 

We are able to rekey the new ignition to your existing key or in some cases when the ignition bitting can’t be changed, we can rekey the other locks to match the ignition.

Ignition won’t turn? Call Local Locksmith

Keys Copied

Local 4 Wheeler Locksmith Keys Copied

We make hard to find key copies

Local Locksmith can copy keys for most makes and models of 4 wheelers on the trail today. We have a large selection of key blanks that allow us to do what others can not.

We carry a wide selection of common 4 wheeler and ATV key blanks and have the equipment to make guaranteed copies.

Let us make a key copy for you today.

Brands We Service

Artic Cat • Can-Am • Honda • Kawasaki • KTM • Polaris • Suzuki • Yamaha • Others

4 Wheeler Tips and How Tos

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