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Local Access Control Locksmith Services

Local Access Control Locksmith

From stand-alone locks or an entire system, we can do it!

Make Local Locksmith your access control locksmith in the Arizona East Valley. We offer service and installation of all types of access control systems including stand alone and cloud base versions. 

Access Control – Is the geographical limitation of personnel into or out of a certain physical area. Typically, used by business and other commercial types of operations, access control involves the use of locks and credential readers.

Learn more about access control by reading this Wiki article.

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Local  Access Control Locksmith Service Areas
Local Access Control Locksmith Service Areas

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Access Control Systems

Access Control Exit

Access Control Systems

In the access control industry, there are basically two (2) types of systems: standalone and networked. Depending upon the size of the area that you wish to control, a standalone system might work better than its more costly networked alternative. A needs analysis will help to determine what is best for you.

Standalone Access Control Systems

A standalone access control system utilizes independent locks that are not connected via wi-fi or cables. Each lock requires local programming via a keypad or an externally connected computer.

Typically, these systems are less expensive per door to purchase and use.

Networked Access Control Systems

The locking mechanisms for these systems are interconnected either by a wired (Ethernet) or wireless topography. Some of these systems will use what is called a “cloud based head in” design. This means that the controlling software is located on an internet based file server.

These systems typically cost more to purchase and install. With prices averaging $3,000.00 per door they can be pricy. If the system utilizes what is called a head in cloud based controller, there usually is also monthly monitoring costs as well.

Trust your hometown Local Locksmith.

Cloud Based Systems

Cloud Based Access Control

Cloud Based Systems

A cloud based access control system uses internet connectivity. This allows each access point to be dynamically controlled by a local system that keeps its data on an internet file server. This type of system permits the user to access individual doors via an internet enabled device including cell phones. 

Using a cloud based system is preferable in some instances where supervisory personnel need 24/7 access to facility security.

We Can Do It!

Local Locksmith installs and supports cloud based access control systems. We are able to help you to select the correct system that meets your access control needs without having to spend a ton of money.

Cell Phone Enabled

Access Controller

What is Cell Phone Enabled Access Control?

The technology to control devices based on the closeness of a person’s cell phone is called Near Field Communication (NFC). This system controls the building locks. With almost constant innovation, a NFC system might be your best option. We can help you to decide which works best for you.

Some access control systems allow the use of a NFC device to validate the holders right to enter. These types of systems are starting to gain popularity due to the incredible increase of popularity of smartphones.

Local Locksmith can help with the selection and implementation of NFC access control systems.

Access Control Systems Are the Way of The Future

In these very uncertain times, if you own or operate a commercial facility, you need to control who gets in. You also need to control when they can get in as well. Access control systems can be scaled to meet all of your needs and budget. We can help you to make the most secure and cost effective site controlling solution.

Call Local Locksmith to have an access control system needs analysis today.

System Installation

East Valley Access Control Locksmith

Make Local Locksmith Your Access Control Installation Specialists

We have years of electronics industry experience and roots in the access control industry. This means that Local Locksmith is more than able to help you in the selection and installation of your access control system. We are able to help with:

  • Standalone Access Control Lock Installation
  • Cloud Based Access Control Lock Installation
  • System Selection Evaluation

From system selection to component installation and configuration, Local Locksmith can help with all of your access control service needs.

Call Local Locksmith TODAY!

System Repair

Electronic Door Strike

Make us Your Access Control Repair Specialists

Since access control systems often times use electronic sub-components, they are prone to failure. Since the parts are often times installed in harsh environments, you can experience system failures. At Local Locksmith we are able to:

  • Replace or Repair Mag Strikes
  • Mag Lock Repair and Replacement
  • Key Pad Repair and Replacement
  • RFID Reader Repair and Replacement
  • System Controller Repair and Replacement

From troubleshooting to part replacement, Local Locksmith can help with all of your access control service needs.

Access Control Tips and How Tos

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