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Local Automotive Locksmith Services

Local Automotive Locksmith

From lock outs to lost keys, we’ll get you back on the road FAST!

Is Local Locksmith your automotive locksmith? We should be!

We have the tools, equipment, stock and knowledge to do what other locksmiths can’t do. With years of experience and the ability to teach others, we are also leading automotive locksmithing instructors for the Associated Locksmiths of America.

It doesn’t matter if you have an antique car or an 18 wheeler, we can copy or make a new key for all of them. We make transponder keys, smart keys, proximity keys, metallic and any other vehicle keys.

Undoubtedly, you’ll be glad that you made Local Locksmith your hometown auto locksmith. We come to you so you don’t have to got to the dealer. We are your locksmith for cars and trucks.

Local Locksmith can replace your vehicle keys including the recreation of lost car keys, lost truck keys and other lost vehicle keys. We are the premier car key locksmith in all of Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, Florence, Mesa, Apache Junction, Coolidge and other east valley areas. Clearly, our prices are well below those charged by dealerships too and we are even recommended by AAA of Arizona.

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Local Automotive Locksmith Service Areas
Local Automotive Locksmith Service Areas

Your Hometown Locksmith

Car Lock Outs

Locked Out of My Car in Queen Creek

Locked Out of Your Car?

Locked out of your car? We are experts at unlocking your car and guarantee that we will not damage it in the process. We use special techniques and methods to insure fast entry without damage.

What to Do If You Are Locked Out of Your Car

If you are locked out, please follow these steps to ensure your safety while we are on our way:

  • Make certain that you and your passengers are in a safe place
  • If there is a child or pet in the car, tell our dispatcher so that we make your call a priority
  • If it is hot, get something to drink
  • To avoid damage, don’t try to open the vehicle yourself.
  • Call Local Locksmith immediately.

Local Locksmith will get you back into your locked car FAST! If you have locked your keys in the car, don’t stress we’ll be there fast and not cost you a fortune.

Trust your hometown Local Locksmith.

Lost Car Keys

Lost Key Replacement in Queen Creek

Key Replacement

Lost car or truck keys are no challenge for Local Locksmith. We pride ourselves on knowing the techniques and having the tools necessary to create replacement keys at prices that are below what a dealer charges.

Special Tools and Equipment

It takes special tools and equipment to generate replacement auto keys. Some locksmiths simply do not have all the tools necessary to program every car on the road today. Local Locksmith has a wide selection of tools, equipment and techniques that allow us to get the job done when others can’t.

When you choose Local Locksmith we come to you and in most cases can have new keys created the same day that you call. Our prices are less than the dealer and we are able to create keys that are functionally the same as what the dealer would provide. However, because we make keys on-site, there is no risk of towing damage.

Car key replacement does not have to be expensive. We offer professional services and quality keys at very competitive prices. 

Broken Car Keys

Broken Keys Removed in Queen Creek

Broken Keys Removed

SNAP! That’s the sound that your key makes when it breaks off in the lock. Broken keys are typically caused by worn or cracked keys. Don’t put off making key copies. A fresh factory cut key can keep them from breaking.

If you are the unfortunate victim of a broken key that is now jammed in your lock, don’t worry we can extract that broken key for you. Call us right away and we’ll be on our way to your car or truck and professionally extract that broken key. We’ll have you back on the road in no time.

We have special tools and techniques to remove broken keys and then even make new ones right on the spot. We are a professional locksmithing company that specializes in automotive keys and locks. However, even though we are a great company, we don’t charge an arm and a leg for our services.

Local Locksmith can repair your broken car key at your home or office and at prices less than the dealer. Call the car key experts today and get a FREE price quote.

Using an Automotive Dealer to Replace Your Lost Keys

Using car dealerships to replace your lost keys is often times far more costly than using a locksmith. The first step in using the dealer is having your vehicle towed to their dealership which invites towing damage. You’ll then have to leave your car while the dealer’s service department cuts and programs the replacement keys. If you happen to get there at closing time, you’ll have to wait until the next day or after the weekend to have your car running again. To top it off, depending upon the age of your vehicles some dealership records will not go back far enough to have the key information needed to make your replacement keys.

Key Copies

Car Key Copies

Need a Key Copied?

Unlike local hardware or big box stores, Local Locksmith uses a technique similar to what the dealer uses to make copies of your car or truck keys.

Key Copies

Chip keys or transponder keys are what keeps thieves from steeling your car with just a screwdriver. If you purchased a used car chances are it came with only one chip key. We can make you a copy at prices well below what dealers charge.

Losing your only car key can be expensive and definitely inconvenient. A chip key copy is the best way to insure that you are not stranded if you lose your only key.

Car Key Duplication

Local Locksmith can also cut your mechanical car keys too. We cut standard, high security, laser cut, and many other types of keys. We can even program the keys you buy on line.

Worn Out Original Keys

Sometime your existing car key is so warn that it can’t be copied accurately. We can recreate your vehicle key using the manufacturer’s specifications giving you a key that is brand new and will operate your locks much smoother to boot.

Call Local Locksmith TODAY.

Buying Replacement Keys Online

On Line Keys Programmed

Buying Your Key On Line

At first glance it would appear that buying keys online will save you money. However, this is quite often the exact opposite of what you would expect.

People today buy everything from cars to groceries online. There are many different retailers that offer car keys and fobs at reduced prices if you purchase them from their website.

However it is very likely that you’ll get the wrong key or fob because you were not aware of a specific detail? There is also the possibility that our vehicle VIN  will get decoded incorrectly resulting in the vendor sending the wrong key?

Online Key Warranty

Then there is the question of the key or fob warranty. Most on line sellers make you return the defective key at your expense before they will send another one. Then there is the fact that some retailers only offer a 90 day warranty. Lastly, some of the cheaper keys are made in China and are not very good copies of the original and will fail shortly after purchase.

Local Locksmith offers a full warranty on keys and fobs purchased from us and we guarantee that you will get the correct key for your vehicle. We also guarantee our labor too.

Automotive Tips and How Tos

Read more helpful tips and how to information by visiting our blog page.

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