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Local Commercial Locksmith Services

Local Commercial Locksmith

From lock changes to lockouts, trust Local Locksmith to be your east valley commercial locksmith.

At Local Locksmith we pride ourselves on being the best local commercial locksmith that we can be. We have many years of commercial locksmithing experience and can either repair or replace your business door hardware.

From exit devices to door alarms, trust Local Locksmith to maintain the security of your business. Our expert team offers many different brands and models to suit your needs and at affordable prices too.

As members of the Queen Creek Chamber of Commerce, we know the importance of running a safe and secure business and pass this philosophy on to our customer’s business too. 

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Local Commercial Locksmith Service Areas
Local Commercial Locksmith Service Areas

Your Hometown Commercial Locksmith


East Valley Commercial Locksmith Master Rekeying

Rekey Your Business

Rekeying – The process of changing the combination to a lock so that existing keys will no longer function. This process usually involves the changing of combinating pins inside the lock cylinder.

With staff changes or the terminating of problematic employees, it is imperative that business owners insure that past employees can not access their business premises.

Local Locksmith will rekey your locks and provide copies of the new keys that can be distributed to existing employees. Our rates are very competitive given the professional level of service that we provide.

We are able to tackle all commercial and business locking hardware including:

  • Aluminum storefront doors
  • Wooden office doors
  • Restaurant doors
  • Exit devices
  • Much more

Trust your hometown Local Locksmith.

Lock Changes

East Valley Commercial Locksmith Lock Changes

Replace Your Worn Out Locks

Let’s face it mechanical locks can wear our especially if they are installed in a commercial environment. Local Locksmith can replace worn our locks with quality models at very reasonable prices.

Commercial Locks

There are various grades of commercial grade locks. Here’s a very brief explanation of the different commercial lock grades:

  • Grade 1 – The best quality and found in very high usage areas. These locks are very pricy but also very reliable.
  • Grade 2 – A medium quality lock that is more cost effective but not as durable as its grade 1 alternative. These are extremely popular with most business owners.
  • Grade 3 – Typically these locks are found in residential applications and are the most cost effective alternative but will fail sooner. Savvy business owners will avoid this grade and opt for Grade 2 alternatives.

When choosing a replacement lock we explain the advantages of each grade and help you to select your lock based upon its intended usage. We warrant all of our commercial hardware and provide guaranteed installation services as well.

Master Keying

East Valley Commercial Locksmith Master Keying

Master Key Systems

A master key system is designed so that one key will open all the locks in a building or office complex while allowing individual keys for each door in the system. This makes the office security far less complicated.

In the situation illustrated below, an owner can open all doors while managers are only able to open the doors in their department and office occupants are limited to opening the doors to their own office. This type of system helps to limit the number of keys that have to be carried by management personnel while offering individualized security.

Masters of Master Keys

Call Local Locksmith to create or maintain a master key system for your business or storefront. We are able to work with most of the popular keyways systems such as: Best, Schlage, Arrow, Kwikset, and many others.

We can create master key systems that range from very simple to very complex and even key all the locks to the new system.

Local Master Keying Systems

Trust Local Locksmith to be your hometown commercial locksmith.

Keeping Your Commercial Locks Functioning Properly

Commercial locks are often time installed in very harsh environments. Heat and dust in Arizona can cause premature lock failure. Almost all commercial locks are subject to heavy use and abuse which means that proper care and maintenance is essential to keep them working smoothly.

A regular program of cleaning, lubrication, adjustment and maintenance will keep your locks and door hardware working properly. Ask us about scheduling a maintenance service call to have your locks cleaned and adjusted to prevent them from failing prematurely.

Exit Devices

East Valley Commercial Locksmith Exit Device Service

Exit Devices Defined

Exit devices, sometimes called panic bars, are often times required by local building and safety codes. These safety devices allow building occupants to safely operate a door in case of an emergency such as fire. This is why they are a building requirement in most cities and counties.

Exit Device Servicing

Local Locksmith can repair, maintain and install all brands of exit devices and at prices that are very reasonable.

There are many different types of devices such as vertical rod, surface mounted and concealed rod models. We can repair or replace them all.

Call Local Locksmith TODAY!


East Valley Commercial Locksmith Lockouts

Locked out of your business?

We are experts at non-destructive entry techniques. We will have you back into your business FAST and with NO damage. Most business lock outs occur when employees either lose the keys or forget to give them to those that are responsible for opening the business the next day.

As business owners ourselves, we understand that if your customers can’t get into to your business they’ll lose money. We understand the need to get you back in so your customers can patronize your business and will get you back in and at a reasonable price too.

Call us now and you’ll be back in business in no time.

Commercial Tips and How Tos

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