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Local Locksmith Values Education

We live in some very troubling times. Knowing how to stay safe and secure is the key to safety.

Understanding security will keep you well…secure. We’ll share different tips and techniques to help you understand topics like car fobs or electronic locks.

We love sharing knowledge with our customers and website visitors. Below you will find a collection of posts that will help you to  understanding security. We also share how a professional locksmith will help you to stay safe.

We believe that our customer’s safety is part of what makes our business a success. Our skill and customer service is what allows us to share our knowledge. The following is a collection of posts and videos that will help you to better understand the mechanics of security.

Local Locksmith FAQ

Educational Posts

The following posts explain some general educational topics that help you to understand locksmithing. We even tell you how to avoid being scammed.

  • We Do What Other Locksmiths Can’t
    Some locksmiths are not able to do everything necessary to satisfy their customers. Local Locksmith has a wide range of experience and expertise.
  • Too Hot for You? Way Too Hot For Them!
    Undoubtedly, the summer months are a great time to get out and enjoy the outdoors but is it too hot for your furry friends.
  • Are You Being Scammed by Your Locksmith?
    Unscrupulous locksmiths often use out of state call centers to dispatch their technicians. Avoid these questionable companies by following these simple rules.
  • Special Tools When We Need Them
    One of our customers ordered their own locks from the internet. This is a practice that can be troublesome and in this case, proved to be exactly that.
  • A Blast From the Past and an Easy Fix
    Cochise County is the home of may historical places and events. With the Cochise stronghold, Fort Bowie, Tombstone and other historical places, Cochise County is a fun place to visit.
  • 7 Steps to Finding a GOOD Locksmith
    When choosing a locksmith you should be very careful. Follow these seven steps to keep from getting ripped off.

Automotive Posts

Automotive posts share information about car security. We cover everything from transponder keys to failed Honda Ignitions.

  • Starting Problems and Your New Bling Ring
    Some folks really love to be fashionable. They dress in the latest fashions, have decorative cell phone cases and even put “bling” in their car. 
  • How do Transponder Keys Work
    A chip key or technically called a transponder key, gets it’s name because of the electronic “chip” that is embedded into the key’s head
  • It’s Buyer Beware For Online Keys and Fobs
    While it may seem that there are advantages to buying keys on line, caveat emptor, let the buyer beware. 
  • Your Honda’s Ignition is About to Fail
    Honda vehicles are known for their popularity and durability unless you’re talking about their ignition systems that is.
  • Key Ring Junk Can Cost You Money?
    Some people use their keychains to hold many different thing. They put quick checkup tags on them. Adorn them with mementos of fun time. Hang tools from them.

Residential Posts

Understanding how home security works will keep your house safer. Here are a few posts explaining home security.

  • Security Tip #1 – Keeping Your Home Secure
    When your deadbolt was originally installed, the installer might not have done everything within their power to make certain that it is does it’s job properly.
  • Do You Know Who Else Has Your House Keys
    Did you just purchase a home? Do you really know who has copies of your house keys? You may want to have the house locks rekeyed to a new combination.

Review Posts

Understanding how home security works will keep your house safer. Here are a few posts explaining home security.

RV Posts

Understanding how home security works will keep your house safer. Here are a few posts explaining home security.

  • Horse Trailer Lost Key Replacement
    The owner of this trailer stopped us while we were at another job. He had lost his compartment keys and had us make replacements.

Commercial Posts

Commercial or business locksmithing posts are gathered here.

    Locked Out Posts

    These are posts about being locked out and we can be done about it.

    • Locked Out? What to do When You’re Back In
      Getting locked out is not fun but what should you do to keep it from happening again. Here are a few things that you can do to prevent yourself from getting locked out.
    • 6 Things to Do if You’re Locked Out
      Getting locked out in Queen Creek or San Tan Valley is no fun. Don’t panic and follow these 6 things to do if you are locked out.


    Here are a few security and locksmithing related videos.

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