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Local Motorcycle Locksmith Services

Local Motorcycle Locksmith

Professional Local Motorcycle Locksmith

Keep the wind in your hair by keeping your keys in your bike.

Motorcycles can be a challenge to make keys for. Unless of course the company that you chose to make them is Local Locksmith.

We have the right tools, stock and skill to do what is needed to replace your lost keys and get you back on the road again. From copying motorcycle keys to making replacements, Local Locksmith has you covered. If you’re tired of having to call a locksmith from far away, give us a call. We’re your hometown locksmith.

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Local Motorcycle Locksmith Service Areas
Local Motorcycle Locksmith Service Areas

Your Hometown Motorcycle Locksmith

Lost Keys

Local Motorcycle Locksmith

Lost Keys Replaced

Face it, a lost motorcycle key is no fun. At Local Locksmith we can make replacement keys to most makes and models of motorcycles including the round tubular keys used in some models.

Local Locksmith has special techniques and equipment that allow us to make your motorcycle replacement keys. We don’t just stop at making the keys, we make certain that they work and will continue to work time and time again. We even stock key blanks for the most common models and some unique bikes so we are able to replace your keys the same day that you call.

Street or Dirt We Do ‘Em All

It doesn’t matter whether you have a street bike, a dirt bike or a scooter, Local Locksmith can replace you missing keys on all of them. 

Trust your hometown Local motorcycle Locksmith.

Harley Davidson Keys

Lost Harley Keys Replaced

Losing your Harley key can be a real problem. While some locksmiths don’t have the ability to replace or duplicate your tubular Harley key design, Local Locksmith can quickly and economically replace and/or copy your key.

Getting a Replacement Key From the Dealer

While on the surface it may seem logical to get replacement or duplicate tubular Harley keys from the  Harley Davidson dealer, things are not always what they seem. Many dealers will make you wait for weeks to get a replacement because they have to come from the manufacturer factory.

Local Locksmith has the equipment and know how to be able to replace your lost Harley Davidson key.

Antiques and Classics

Local Motorcycle Locksmith

Older is No Problem

We really love working on older motorcycles and the challenge that they offer. In fact, some locksmiths can’t make keys to older bikes, but with special tools, stock and techniques, we can.

If you buy a classic motorcycle and the key comes up missing, we can create new replacement classic motorcycle keys. Sometimes when a bike has had many owners, things like ignitions and fork locks get changed. If this happens, often times the keys are lost. We can create new ones or match the locks to the keys that you already have.

CRC Heavy Duty Silicone

Keep Your Motorcycle Locks Clean

Motorcycles pose a special challenge when it comes to smooth lock operation. Many lubricants such as WD-40 can leave behind an oily residue that attracts road dirt. This contamination can cause lock problems or premature failure. To avoid oily, gunky buildup, we recommend that you use a Silicone based lubricant. Our preference is CRC Heavy Duty Silicone available at many fine retail locations including Wal-Mart.

Broken Keys Extracted

Local Motorcycle Locksmith

Break Your Key?

If your motorcycle key breaks in your motorcycle lock, we can pull it out and even make you a new one. Broken keys can be quite frustrating especially if you have been experiencing issues with the key turning.

The best way to handle a broken key is to replace worn keys before they become a problem. If you have really worn or cracked keys, call us today and we can cut your new key back to original factory specifications at a cost less than the motorcycle dealer. Having a new key cut before your old one breaks is much less stressful and will ensure that your motorcycle stays on the road and not in the garage.

Call Local Locksmith TODAY!


Local Motorcycle Locksmith

Can’t Get In?

If you have locked the keys in your motorcycle saddle, most roadside assistance providers are not able to get them out. Give Local Locksmith a call and we’ll get your keys with no damage to your ride.

Our opening methods are specially designed to ensure that we can open your saddlebags or storage compartments. Since we are a locksmith company, we are able to pick open storage locks and not use destructive methods.

Call Local Locksmith TODAY!

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