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Too Hot for You? Way Too Hot For Them!

Protect Your Pet's Paws

The Summer is A Great Time to Enjoy a Walk With Your Pet. Or is it Too Hot?

Undoubtedly, the summer months are a great time to get out and enjoy the outdoors but is it too hot for your furry friends. Summer is a time for BBQs, swimming, camping and many fun outdoor activities. Indeed, many pet owners take their fur babies with them to enjoy the fun summer activities too.

Is Summer Too Hot For Your Pet?

Unfortunately, many pet owners are not aware that summer temperatures can cause harm to their beloved fur babies. Some pet owners are not aware that on a summer day where the air temperature is 95°, concrete can reach 140°. Not only that, but asphalt can reach 155° when it is the same air temperature.

Without a doubt you would not want to put your bare foot on asphalt that is 155°, so how can you put your furry friend through that. Most pets are extremely loyal and will do what you want them too. They will go right along with you on a summer walk despite the fact that their sensitive paws are being burned.

Other Considerations

In addition to the heat of the concrete or asphalt, much like humans, animals can get overheated too. Dogs especially, do not have sweat glands so they have to dissipate heat by panting. Moreover, this panting causes the dog to drool or drip bodily fluids. Unfortunately, that causes a loss of liquid and dehydration.

In addition, take a couple of bottles of water with you on your walk so that you can both enjoy a refreshing drink. You can also use the water to give you friend a cool down by pouring it over your pet.

Things to Do to Keep Your Pet’s Paws Safe When It’s Too Hot

  • Use the 7 Second Rule – Before walking or exercising your pet, put your hand on the surface where you plan to walk. If you can’t keep it there for 7 seconds without hurting it, it’s way too hot for your pet.
  • Go For Very Early Morning Walks – Clearly, a good time to walk your 4 legged buddy is early in the morning particularly when the summer heat is at its peak. Concrete or asphalt will hold the heat but it at its coolest in the early mornings.
  • Early Evening Walks – Besides being mindful of heat during the day heat, many places in Arizona do not cool off in the evening. This means that taking your pet on an early evening walk can also cause them to be exposed to hot concrete or asphalt.
  • Pet Booties – If you absolutely have to walk your pet, try using pet booties. These canvas or nylon slip on protectors cover sensitive paws and insulate them from the ground. Interestingly, some booties even come with rubber or plastic soles.

You should absolutely treat your pet the same way that you want to be treated. This includes being exposed to high heat and unhealthful conditions. Here are a few tips from the ASPCA about hot weather and your pets.

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