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6 Things to Do if You’re Locked Out

Locked Out in Queen Creek

Locked out of either your home or your car in Queen Creek, San Tan Valley or anywhere in the east valley? How you handle the situation is very important to your safety. Keep in mind that experts agree that you find a locksmith before you need one. Read more about finding a GOOD locksmith here.

Here are 6 things to do to ensure your health and safety until help arrives.

6 Things to Do If You’re Locked Out

1. Don’t Panic

Getting locked out is definitely really stressful. You feel helpless and scared. Obviously, panic can easily take over. Unquestionably, the worst thing that you can do is to panic. 

Importantly, you must stay calm. Indeed the first thing that you need to do is carefully consider your options. Perhaps a friend or relative can bring you a spare key. Clearly, staying calm will keep you from making a mistake.

2. Get to a Safe Place

Without a doubt, the most important thing is your safety. Furthermore, yours and your family’s safety must be your top priority. If you’re locked out at night, find a well lit and populated area to wait for help.

If the locked house or car is located in a safe area then stay there so that help can find you easily. It should be noted that roaming around makes it hard for help to find you.

3. Stay Hydrated

Clearly, we live in a very arid area that is basically reclaimed desert land. In the summer months, there is a real danger of dehydration and even death. Importantly, if you are close to a local restaurant or other place where water is found, go there and drink water. Furthermore, drinking water will prevent dehydration.

Obviously, water is the best option for re-hydration. Drinks such as teas or soda contain Diuretics actually increase urine and can cause dehydration. Avoiding teas and sodas helps to keep you hydrated.

4. Stay in a Shaded Area

Shade is another great way to help combat dehydration. Direct sunlight causes you to sweat which causes a loss of body moisture. Find a tree or better yet, get indoors to an air conditioned environment. Undoubtedly, keeping your body temperature down helps to prevent dehydration as well.

5. Don’t Waste Time and Energy

There are people that think the local police and fire departments will open their car or home for free. Besides being incorrect, calling local city or county agencies for lock outs is a waste of time and energy. Additionally, these agencies no longer help with lock outs because of legal liabilities.

Many lockout victims use Google to find a locksmith. Unquestionably, this is a double edged sword. Google is full of scammer locksmiths listings. These companies will charge more than they quote and provide sub-par service. Conversely, having the number of a trustworthy locksmith, will guarantee that you get back in safely.

6. Call a Trusted Local Locksmith

Obviously, you want to avoid getting scammed by a scammer “locksmith”.  Again, find a trusted locksmith before you get locked out. Once you find one, add their phone number to your phone’s contact list.

Make Local Locksmith your trusted east valley locksmith. Add our telephone number to your contact list for faster service. Local Locksmith – 480.570.5391

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