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Local Big Rig Locksmith Services

Local Big Rig/Commercial Vehicle Locksmith

Big Rig Locksmith and Commercial Vehicle Locksmith

Whether its a Freightliner big rig or a commercial service vehicle, Local Locksmith has you covered. We understand that time is money. If you can’t use your big rig or service vehicle because of a lost key, you’re losing money.

Local Locksmith has the tools and know how to replace your lost keys or fix your broken commercial vehicle locks. We stock key blanks to accommodate most commercial and big rig trucks.

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Big Rig and Commercial Vehicle Lockouts

Stress Free Lockouts

You’re at a truck stop and tired. You close your big rig door only to discover that the keys are inside the cab. Local Locksmith will get you back in fast and at a reasonable price.

Special Lock Out Techniques

There are many ways to get you back into a locked vehicle. Some of those ways run the risk of causing damage. We have spent years perfecting our skills to insure that we can get you back in without causing damage to your big rig or commercial vehicle.

Rather than using air wedges and long reach tools, Local Locksmith will pick your locked door open to ensure that there is no damage to the door, frame or glass.

Spare Key

To keep you from having to call us in the future, ask about making a copy of your key. After we get your vehicle open, ask us about copying your truck key. We will make a copy just like the one that came from the manufacturer and at a reasonable price.

Trust your hometown Local Locksmith.

Lost Keys

Big Rig and Commercial Vehicle Lost Keys

Lose Your Keys?

Local Locksmith can replace your big rig or commercial vehicle keys with specialized techniques that insure you won’t have to change your locks.

Lost Key Replaced Fast

If you’ve lost your keys you can’t make money. Local Locksmith can replace your lost vehicle keys by coming to you and using state of the art tools and techniques. We stock most big rig and commercial key blanks which gives us the advantage over other locksmiths.

Our prices are lower than the dealer or manufacturer so call us to get your lost key replaced.

Lock Service

Big Rig and Commercial Vehicle Lock Repair

Broken Lock?

Commercial vehicle locks get more use than personal vehicles locks. We can repair/replace your worn storage compartment or door lock and at prices well below what others charge. 

Lock Service

Let’s face it, commercial vehicles can be used in very harsh environments. The locks on most commercial vehicles get very little maintenance and can fail.

We are able to repair or replace broken, worn or damaged locks. It doesn’t matter if the locks are in the door or storage compartments, we can get them fixed and you back on the road fase.

Call Local Locksmith TODAY!

Big Rig Lock Maintenance

CRC Heavy Duty SiliconeSince big rigs and commercial vehicles spend a majority of their time on the road, most owners/operators don’t properly maintain their locks. To keep you locks operating smoothly and problem free, a periodic spray of CRC Heavy Duty Silicone in each lock will blast the dirt out and replace it with a dry synthetic lubricant.

We recommend that you lubricate your locks with silicone approximately every 4-6 months depending upon their use and their environment. A quick blast in the ignition lock will keep it working smoothly as well.

Container Keys

Big Rig and Commercial Vehicle Service Compartment Keys

Lost Storage Keys?

With multiple people using your commercial vehicles sometimes people will lose the storage compartment keys. Don’t worry because we can make new keys.

Different Lock Makers

Sometimes certain truck manufacturers will use whatever locks they can find for their truck storage compartments. These unique locks pose a special challenge when making replacement keys.

We have a large variety of key blanks and skills that allow us to replace keys that other locksmiths can’t. Call today for replacement for your lost big rig locks or commercial vehicle locks.


Big Rig and Commercial Vehicle Service Lock Rekeying

Lock Rekeying

If someone tries to break into your commercial vehicle it can be necessary to change the locks. We can change the locks and make them all work on the same key.

All One Key

Having to carry around a fist full of keys for your storage compartment is inviting disaster. The more keys that you have the easier it is to lose them. 

Local Locksmith can rekey (change the lock bitting to match one key), fast and at a very reasonable price. 

Commercial Vehicles and Big Rig Tips and How Tos

    Read more helpful tips and how to information by visiting our blog page.

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