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Security Tip #1 – Keeping Your Home Secure

Security Tip 1
Deadbolt Strike Plate
Deadbolt Strike Plate
Installing Longer Strike Plate Screws
Longer Strike Plate Screws


Reduced Security

Undoubtedly, your front door deadbolt provides the best home security. Unfortunately, when the deadbolt was  installed, its strike plate mount screws could be too short.

It should be noted that your deadbolt is fitted with a metal strike plate that secures the door to the frame. Moreover, when someone tries to force their way into your home, a properly installed strike plate will thwart the attempt. Without a doubt, if the strike plate mounting screws are too short, the plate will fail.

Without a doubt, the best way to increase front door security is to install longer strike plate screws. This post explains exactly how to replace short screws with longer ones as well as check your deadbolt for proper operation.

Installing Longer Strike Plate Screws

  1. Obviously, the first step is to remove the existing deadbolt strike plate mounting screws. Open the door and use a number 2 Phillips screwdriver to remove the existing screws. If the screws are under 3″, discard them.
  2. Next, while the strike plate is off the door frame, check that the deadbolt hole is deep enough by first opening the door. Now rotate the deadbolt thumb turn on the inside of the door. Next, note the thumb turn position when the deadbolt is fully extended. Now, close the door and rotate the thumb turn again. The thumb turn must be in the same position as it was when the door was open. Please note that if the thumb turn is not in the same position, the door frame hole must be made deeper. Make the hole deeper by using a 1″ spade bit and drill to deepen the hole.
  3. Now, reinstall the strike plate. Using an electric drill and a drill bit that is slightly smaller than the diameter of the 3″ screws, drill the mounting holes deeper. 
  4. Next. place 3″ or longer screws into the holes that you drilled and install them. Importantly, you must make certain that you drive the screws deep enough so that they do not interfere with door operation. 
  5. Lastly, test that the deadbolt throws smoothly when the door is closed. It should be noted that the deadbolt must fully extend into the strike plate hole when thrown.

Lock Maintenance

Additionally, you can ensure proper deadbolt operation by proper maintenance. To keep the deadbolt and knob/handle operating smoothly lubricate them with a suitable synthetic lubricant. It should be noted that Silicone is ideal for lock lubrication.

Lastly, lubricate any keyholes to keep your keys working smoothly too.

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Drilling Strike Plate Holes
Drilling Strike Plate Holes Deeper
Installing the Screws
Installing The Longer Screws
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