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Starting Problems and Your New Bling Ring

Bling Rings
Starting Problems Immobilizer Ring
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Do you have car starting problems? You could have inadvertently caused them yourself.

Bling Rings - Fashionable But Problematic

Unquestionably, some people really love being fashionable. They dress in the latest fashions, use decorative phone cases and even have “bling” in their car. Nevertheless, these decorative or bling rings, installed around a vehicle’s ignition, cause starting problems. This post illustrates why these cute decorative rings need to be avoided.

Car Starting Problems? Why Bling Rings Are A Problem

Most newer cars and trucks have an anti-theft device called an immobilizer. This immobilizer prevents vehicle theft by verifying that the correct vehicle key or fob is present before the car can start.

The Immobilizer and Immobilizer Ring

Additionally, the immobilizer being just another computer in the car, is connected to the internal vehicle network. Finally, this computer is designed to read the digital signature coming from the transponder key or fob to see if the correct one is being used. 

The immobilizer receives a signal from the immobilizer ring that is installed either around the ignition lock or in a fob programming pocket. When the vehicle is switched on, the magnetic field in the immobilizer ring powers up the transponder key and the key’s data is sent to the immobilizer for verification. Finally, if the key data is verified successfully, the vehicle will start.

Starting Problems? It Might Be Blocked Connections 

Without a doubt some love the look of the the bling ring. Unfortunately, the metal ring that is the mount for the faux jewels tends to block the transponder signal coming from the key. When that happens, the immobilizer can’t verify the proper key and the vehicle will not start.

Importantly, even push to start vehicles are not immunome from bling ring interference. When your vehicle fob stops working, most cars allow you to push the Start button with the fob (because the transponder is in the fob itself) to start the car. A bling ring will block the transponder signal and the car won’t start.

How to Prevent Starting Problems

Clearly, the best thing you can do is to ditch the bling rings. Finding another less obstructive way to stylize your car will keep it running and avoiding bling rings will save you time, money and frustration. Clearly, bling rings are definitely a definite fashion don’t.

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